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Knife Set 12 Pieces with Acrylic Stand Tempered Glass Block By Utopia Kitchen

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  • Features:
    Rust and Tarnish resistant
  • Set Includes:
    12 Piece Knife Set, Acrylic Stand(Glass Block)
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    Hand Wash
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  • Material:
    Stainless Steel
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    Utopia Kitchen
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    Knife Set
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Premium Class Stainless-Steel Kitchen 12 Knife-Set with Acrylic Stand (12 Piece)

Product Features

  • Made from high quality stainless steel grade that is rust and tarnish resistant
  • Includes: 
    8 inch chef knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness;
    8 inch bread knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness;
    8 inch carving knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness;
    5 inch utility knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness;
    5 inch paring knife with 2 mm blade thickness;
    6 pieces of 4.5 inch steak knives with 2 mm blade thickness  
    An acrylic stand for convenient storage of the knives
  • These knives are a solid one piece stainless steel design so you don't have to worry about handles falling off
  • Conservative blade thickness and elite design allow for easy handheld use
  • Hand washing recommended; please do not use dishwasher. Immediately dry with a soft cloth to prevent rust

Product  Description

Complete Range

For safe, durable, and quality blades that don't dull easily, Utopia Kitchen's Premium Quality Stainless-Steel Knife Set is your ticket to cooking with ease. For food preparation at your home or in the commercial restaurant kitchen, our knife set offers a complete range of kitchen knives and blades for all of your food prep needs. 

This 12 piece knife set includes: 

  • 8" Chef Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 8" Bread Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 8" Carving Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 5" Utility Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 5" Paring Knife 2 mm blade thickness
  • 6 Pieces of 4.5" Steak Knives 2 mm blade thickness
  • Acrylic Stand for convenient storing of the knives

Durable Craftsmanship

Easy-to-use and durable, Utopia Kitchen's Premium Quality Knife Set is meticulously created using 420-grade stainless steel. Designed as a solid one piece stainless steel construction, you don't have to worry about handles falling off. Also, the premium quality of stainless steel makes knives tarnish-free and rust-resistant. Therefore, you can enjoy the superior luster of the blade along with its sharpness even after numerous uses. 

Conservative blade thickness with the ergonomic design of the knife allows you to experience the most comfortable grip for effortless maneuvering while cutting.

Multiple Blade Styles

For cooking at your home or in the commercial restaurant kitchen, our knife set offers a complete range of kitchen knives and blades that meet all your food preparation needs.

Chef Knife

A multi-functional knife that perfectly chops, slices, and minces any kind of produce with ease. 

Carving Knife

It is ideal for cutting smaller and thinner slices of raw meat and fish

Bread Knife

Its serrated blade effortlessly cuts bread, tomatoes and other citrus fruits into thin slices without spoiling the fragile interior.

Utility Knife

It is an all-purpose knife that slices, peels, chops, and carves almost any food. 

Paring Knife

This knife is perfect for peeling and cutting small fruits and vegetables.

Steak Knife

Slices cleanly through steaks and also chops.

Acrylic Stand

The strong acrylic stand provides you with the ideal storage space for your knives. The sleek and smooth construction of the stand not only saves space in your kitchen but also secures your cutlery in a neat fashion. Featuring a clear view, you can easily slip your knives into the slots given and savor the modern look of your kitchen.

Care Instructions

Do not use a dishwasher for washing the knives. Hand wash is highly recommended. Remember to dry knives immediately with a napkin to ensure their longevity and to prevent any rust build up. 

You can easily remove rare rust spots if the dishwasher has been used for cleaning the knives. Gently pour some lemon juice into a tall glass, and then soak the knives in the lemon juice for few minutes. The acid in the lemon juice should help to loosen up the rust and make it easier to scrub away after you pull them out of the glass. You can also scrub the rust spots with a steel wool.

Actual Product :

Buyers' Feedbacks

Great set! The knives themselves have a solid feel to them, and appear to be a single piece of metal- no separate handles! Makes washing that much easier. Acrylic stand is also very attractive, even if the black part is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. Only downside is that I have lower cabinets, like most people; to use any of the knives I have to pull the stand out. Not a fault of the seller by any means, so no stars deducted. Just FYI for anyone that has cabinets above their countertops. Would buy again!


These are very nice. I love the look of the holder and how u can see the knives inside! Also the knives are all one piece so the handle isn't soldered or bolted on. Makes for a much nicer feel and look. The reason it looses a star is the acrylic the holder is made from is kinda cheap, and I know it will get scratched easily and will definitely cloud over time (make sure to never use windex on it or anything with ammonia or bleach in it or anything that would scour). Also the opening to slide the knives in and out is kinda tight so it could dull the blade if u don't pull it out/put it back with care. Also the "metal" parts on the holder are not metal they are chrome covered plastic and I've seen that stuff tarnish and crack and flake off over time so I wonder if that will happen here. It would have been worth a few extra bucks to use real metal and a better grade plexi for the holder.


We were impressed with the quality of the product for the low price point and don?t know of many knife sets in the same price range that would offer the same high quality--stainless steel, knife block, etc. (we obviously can?t compare this 40.00 set to a 300.00 knife set)

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Size Guide
  • Includes 8 inch chef knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 8 inch bread knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 8 inch carving knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 5 inch utility knife with 2.5 mm blade thickness
  • 5 inch paring knife with 2 mm blade thickness
  • 6 pieces of 4.5 inch steak knives with 2 mm blade thickness and an acrylic stand for convenient storage of the knives
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