Cutlery Cutlery Set

Viners Glamour 24-Piece 18.0 Stainless Steel Cutlery Set in Gift Box

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Product Features
  • Mirror finish bringing undeniable 'Glamour' to your dining table
  • The hammered texture finish of this Glamour 24 piece cutlery set creates a shimmering display of light
  • Rust resistant and Dishwasher Safe. Perfect for 6 diners, includes 6 Knives, 6 Forks, 6 Dessert Spoons and 6 Teaspoons
  • Brought to you by Viners - an original UK Cutlery Brand set up in 1909 with unsurpassed global experience in delivering the finest cutlery
Product Description
Viners Glamour 24 Piece Cutlery Set

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