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Claude Dozorme Single Cutlery Horn Black Inox, Handicraft Made in France

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    Claude Dozorme
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Product Description
'Geründet in 1902 from Blaise Dozorme, called "The Wolf, the signature Claude Dozorme For A Long And Modern Family Tradition. The Claude Dozorme brand, a non Konformist, confirmed by its own collections a reflection of the cultural Schmelztiegels Society in which we live. All of our products carry for over 100 years its name as a guarantee for quality, technical expertise and tradition.
This range would fit perfect quality Laguiole cutlery is anything but ordinary, because the handle is made of black horn. The sight of this Besteckes is stunning.^ The cutlery will be packed securely by our professional team in elaborate hand made in the old and captivating knife forged Claude Dozorme (Thiers, France) and is wearing a with right-hand the classic Laguiole bee.The grip plates are made of black horn
Horn is naturally made of textured, with grey and/or more or less strongly Brown veins. Horn is one of the classic and ursprünglichsten handle material. It is a natural and renewable resource. However, still is always more beef without horns so the raw material grown always knapper. The handles are polished by hand and so have enough dirt resistant. But to react horn sensitive to moisture and should be dried after washing. Including Wood Works also horn under humidity and temperature fluctuations. ^
Each knife is therefore a unique piece.

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