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TravelSource - 2-person Stainless-Steel Camping Eating Utensils Kit + Case With Backpack Hanging Strap, Chopsticks & Bottle Opener

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Great for kids or couples who love to camp & want to ensure they use environmentally-friendly gear
  • Made from heavy (3.5 mm) metal designed to perform well with food, unlike cheap plastic cutlery
  • Durable, rust-proof, camp cutlery set includes 2 forks, knives & spoons, 2 pairs of chopsticks, a storage bag & bottle opener
  • Reusable, compact tableware set weighs only 170g ounces, adding virtually no weight to a backpack
  • Washable neoprene bag wicks away moisture and conveniently hangs outside your backpack to avoid mildew growth.
Product Description
I remember my childhood camping trips together with my mum, dad, brother, and best friends. I remember how scared I was to jump off a massive boulder into the river, but how everyone encouraged me and I finally did it. Your best camping memories are created by the people you camp with. The shared experiences are what make a camping trip so special. That's why the TravelSource camping utensils sets were born. When you search for camping utensils on the Internet you see the same problem again and again. Every utensils set is just for one person! How often do you camp alone? Almost never! It looked like the other companies had forgotten that you camp with friends and family. The TravelSource 2-Person camping cutlery sets were created with a simple idea in mind: Camping is more fun with a friend! These sets take up less space than carrying 2 separate 1-person pouches. It's easier to keep track of all your utensils. They're the same price as the 1-person sets out there! The stainless steel utensils are extremely durable. (unlike plastic) You get a convenient neoprene pouch that wicks away moisture and prevents mildew! We've even included a sturdy backpack carrying strap on our newest addition for when you're on the go! These camping utensils sets are our way of helping you relax and enjoy your time with the people who are close to you. Buy your own set today! Thank You, Nico

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