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Denny International® 18 Cabinet Organizer Drawer Clapboard Plastic Partition Closet Divider Honeycomb

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
Product Features
  • 18 Partition Parts approx.
  • Colour May Vary(Assorted Colours)
  • Each Piece Size:approx.36x6.7x4.5cm(LxWxH)
  • Material:Plastic
  • Package Content : 1 x Drawer Divider Set(8 PC)
Product Description
This is a Denny International® Honeycomb Drawer Clapboard Plastic Partition Closet Divider Cabinet Organizer High quality Helps you organize your drawer easily.No longer for messy space troubles.Save many time for finding things.Easy to snap together Excellent for underwear, socks, gloves, handkerchief, Bra and etc organizing. Could be choose different using way according to cabinet shape.The clapboard used the linking to frame items,with ease increase the scale division.Can be cut as you like if the separation area is longer than the drawer.


★ Material:Plastic

★ 18 Partition Parts approx.

★ Can be cut with Scissor to adjust as per Drawer Size or as needed

★ Each Piece Size:approx.36x6.7x4.5cm(LxWxH)

★ Colour May Vary(Assorted Coloures)

★ Quality Products by Denny International®

Box Contents:

★ 1 x Set of 18 Pockets Drawer Divider(8 PCS)

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