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Arron Kelly Party Pals One Handed Drink Holder, Napkin, Cutlery & Food Serving Tray with Hidden Handle - Black - Breakfast Table for 1

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • NON SLIP DESIGN - Holds Plate, Cutlery, Napkin and Cup!
  • FULFILLED BY AMAZON - Please See Product Description Below & Order Today!
  • ONE HANDED TRAY - Balances Steady on Forearm or on Lap!
  • PATENTED, ERGONOMIC TRAY - 39 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm - Black
Product Description

The Party Pal holds a 23cm standard plate & a drink along with utensils & napkin! The total size is: 39.4 x 24.8 x 7.7 cm. It is Dishwasher Safe, FDA Approved & BPA FREE! Dish up & Eat Easy with the one of kind Party Pal! How it Works: the 7.7 cm deep cutlery holder is a hidden, gripped handle under the tray! The plate holder has a 1.9 cm guard railing & the cup holder is also 3 inches deep making it a spill free drink holder! You can use it standing or sitting, with the Party Pal on your forearm, lap or the floor in front of you! The Party Pal is a meal carrier & a table for 1!

The Party Pal is available in a 3 Pack: Red, White and Navy Blue! And individually, Arron Kelly also offers: Dark Red, Navy Blue, Black & White Party Pals.

The Party Pal makes thin paper plates feel sturdy! It makes dishing up in the food line easy, because now you can have a FREE hand! It also, provides table space where there is none! It is the perfect accessory for gatherings or occasions that include good food!

Here is what people are saying about the Party Pal?

"These are amazing. Not only do they work very well at picnics but they work as a bed tray. They are made so well there is not worry of it ever bending or breaking if any water was spilled on it. Love the colors."

"My Party Pal exceeded all expectations! It carried my food and drink items, with my utensils and napkins, while still having a free hand to grab more food & drink! I was even stopped & asked how much I would take for my Party Pal!"

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