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Handmade Condiment Server - Perfect for Indian Cuisine and for Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Chutneys, Salsad & Dips - Includes 4 Copper Serving Bowls and Brass Holder

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Product Features
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP Each set is meticulously crafted by hand in India
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN Bowls are just 3" in diameter by 1.5" high; Holder is 7" tall. Easy to store!
  • EASY TO CARRY ANYWHERE Quickly set up the buffet or party spread. Just grab the brass handle to lift
  • SET AN ELEGANT TABLE Present four condiments, dips or sauces in these 125mL hammered copper bowls
  • COMPLETELY FOOD SAFE Stainless steel lining in the bowls won't react with foods or alter taste
Product Description
In traditional Indian fine dining, chutneys and pickles typically accompany a meal and are presented in small bowls kept in a decorative holder. With the Handmade Condiment Server, you can bring this tradition to your own dinner table to serve Indian meals in your western kitchen in a truly authentic way. Whether you use pre-made chutneys or make your own recipe, your dinner is sure to impress guests when you place this condiment holder on the table. The Handmade Condiment Server is a fully artisan crafted servingware set that is made to stand the test of time. With the set, you'll receive a total of four condiment bowls that hold 125 milliliters of food each. The bowls are 3 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height, making them ideally sized for placing condiments on the table for serving. The bowls have an attractive hammered copper exterior and are lined with nonreactive, durable stainless steel for food safety and longevity. Also included in the Handmade Condiment Server is a 7-inch tall holder constructed out of genuine brass. The holder includes a total of four rings, one to hold each of the serving bowls. With its precise craftsmanship, the holder keeps the bowls balanced, so you can simply grip the handle and carry the holder to the table with the bowls in place. The handle also makes for easy passing to ensure that the condiments can be enjoyed by everyone at the table. Not just for Indian food, the Handmade Condiment Server can be used to serve all types of condiments. Fill it with ketchup, mustard and other fixings to put out at a backyard barbecue or beside a sandwich ring. Add salsas to the bowl to place beside chips or present dips with crudites as snacks at a party. The ways you can use the holder are endless. Present everything from Indian chutneys to ordinary ketchup in the most elegant and unique of ways! Order the Handmade Condiment Server to bring something distinctive to your table or to give as a gift to dress up someone else's dinner!

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