Cutlery Cutlery Basket

Hotpoint c00257140 Indesit Genuine Dishwasher Cutlery Basket, Grey

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Product Features
  • Fits: FDF780P, FDL570G, FDM554P.R, LFT04UK/TA, FDF780X, FDL570G.R, FDPF481G, LFT114UK, FDF784A.R, FDL570P, FDPF481K
  • Suitable for the following appliances: FDF780A, FDF784X.R, FDM550P, LFS114KUK, FDF780G, FDL570A, FDM550P.R, LFS114WUK,
  • Fdf780k, fdl570a.R, fdm554p, lfs114xUKlft114UK.R, fdf784g.R, fdl570p.R, fdpf481p, lft2284aUK, fdf784k.R, fdl570x, fdpf481x
  • Fdf780p, fdl570g, fdm554p.R, lft04UK/ta, fdf780x, fdl570g.R, fdpf481g, lft114UK, fdf784a.R, fdl570p, fdpf481k
  • Fits: FDF780K, FDL570A.R, FDM554P, LFS114XUKLFT114UK.R, FDF784G.R, FDL570P.R, FDPF481P, LFT2284AUK, FDF784K.R, FDL570X, FDPF481X,
  • This can fit dishwashers sold by different manufacturers and brands
  • Genuine replacement cutlery basket for your dishwasher
  • Suitable for the following appliances: Fdf780a, fdf784x.R, fdm550p, lfs114kUK, fdf780g, fdl570a, fdm550p.R, lfs114wUK

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