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'Oval Salad Servers "Mania Gmelina Wooden 30 cm Fair Trade
'Oval Salad Servers "Mania Gmelina Wooden 30 cm Fair Trade by ACACIA

  • Length: approximately 30 cm.
  • Wash by hand and dry immediately.
  • Schön shaped salad servers, Gmelina arborea

Pok?mon XY Chopstick with Box [Japan Import]
Pok?mon XY Chopstick with Box [Japan Import] by Pokemon

  • The set includes accessories: chopsticks chopstick case +
  • 1.5cm height 19.5 ~ depth 2.7 ~ width = chopstick case 16.5cm...
  • Country of origin: Japan

Due Cigni 2C 385/21 PTFE Blade Pruning and Gardening Shears, Red, 25 mm


Free shipping

Due Cigni 2C 385/21 PTFE Blade Pruning and Gardening Shears, Red, 25 mm by Due Cigni

  • Made in Italy
  • Weight of shears 275 gram
  • Made of carbon steel

With weak lasers and powerful magnetic fields, scientists getting glimpses of ... - Minneapolis Star Tribune

The jagged, multicolored images depicted what was going on in the two researchers' heads — two brains in conversation, carrying out an intricate dance of internal activity. This is no parlor trick. The brain-tracking technology at work is just a small part of the quest to answer abiding questions about the workings of a three-pound chunk of fatty tissue with the consistency of cold porridge. After all, while a lot can be learned from dissecting brains after autopsy or studying animal brains, there's nothing quite like watching a human one work. A brain is like a car motor, says researcher Joy Hirsch. You can study it at rest, but "until you start that car up and run it, you don't really see how all the working parts work together and what the dynamics are. The Yale Brain Function Lab, which she directs, is investigating how our brains let us engage with other people. That's one of the most basic questions in neuroscience, as well as an ability impaired in autism and schizophrenia, she said: "It's probably one of the most fundamental functions of the human species, and yet we know very little about it. ". As... At the tip of half of those fiber optic cables, weak laser beams slipped through their skulls and penetrated about an inch into their brains. There, the beams bounced off blood and reflected back to be picked up by the other half of the cables. Using a similar setup, researchers in China recently created groups of three college students who were given a topic and told to discuss it. Results showed that students who emerged as leaders showed greater synchronization of brain patterns with... The better the leader's communication skills, the more profound this link was. But the coming-out party for the brain-mapping technique most widely used today came at a 1991 meeting in San Francisco. Scientists watched what one observer called a "jaw dropping" movie that showed activation of a part of the brain that handles visual information. That movie was created through functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. Basically, fMRI does what Hirsch's laser system does: It uses oxygen levels in blood as tracers of brain-cell activity. But it penetrates much deeper into the brain, using powerful magnetic fields. Source:

Computer Finds Lost Shakespeare Play - Daily Beast

Nearly 300 years ago, an editor named Lewis Theobald published a drama called Double Falsehood that he called an adaptation of a lost Shakespeare play. Nobody believed him, primarily because any Shakespeare original was, indeed, lost. Now, two University of Texas researchers say they have proof that the Bard really did write the play, in collaboration with playwright John Fletcher—not because of the composition of iambic pentameter soliloquies but largely because of how the... Essentially, works by Shakespeare, Fletcher, and Theobald were fed into a computer and examined for each writer’s signature use of what researchers Ryan Boyd and James Pennebaker call “function” words—little words such as articles, prepositions,... The computer determined what the researchers call “psychological fingerprints” for each writer, and then looked for them in Double Falsehood. Pennebaker used this text analysis as a basis for his 2011 book The Secret Life of Pronouns: What Our Words Say About Us , which determined, among other things, that President Obama uses I less than any other recent president and Lady Gaga’s... But employing this computer program to authenticate Shakespeare. Surely literary scholars would react with a lather of indignation. Actually, no. Boyd and Pennebaker were asked to take on the project at the behest of such a scholar, UC-Irvine professor emeritus Robert Folkenflik, and when their findings were presented at a UCLA conference last year, they were, according to... Double Falsehood is a play most of us have never heard of. With its plot apparently drawn from the “Cardenio” episode early in Cervantes’s Don Quixote , but with the characters’ names changed, Double Falsehood concerns a duke’s two sons—one good... Source:

Landlord offers a single bed in someone's kitchen in Kingston-upon-Thames - Daily Mail

Yours for just £400 a month. a single bed in a couple's KITCHEN: Landlord offers tiny space just feet from the oven (and you'll have to store your clothes next to the cutlery) Single bed is in shared kitchen of flat in Kingston-upon-Thames, London Photos show occupant is... With prices continuing to rise, many hunting for somewhere to live in London do not expect much for £400-a-month. But they might hope for a little more than this. Pushed into the corner of a cramped kitchen - feet from the counter and hob - this single bed in a flat on the outskirts of the city was advertised on property website spareroom. The landlord has optimistically manoeuvred the bed into the tiny space between the door and storage units in the flat in Kingston-upon-Thames - some 40 minutes by train from Waterloo. At £400-a-month, the single bed costs just slightly less than a single room in the same area, which rent for an average of £488-a-month, according to information on spareroom. The bed also has access to its own 'entrance from the garden', according to the listing. Whoever moves into the flat will be sharing a single bathroom with the man and woman who occupy the property's two bedrooms. There is also no living room. A deposit of £400 is required to secure the bed, and the minimum rent term is one month. The advert has since been removed by the website. Company bosses saying it is 'one of the most bizarre' they have seen and represented a 'huge invasion of privacy'. Matt Hutchinson, director of flat and house share site SpareRoom. uk, said: 'This is another sign of how bad the housing crisis has become. 'This isn’t just one of the most bizarre ads we’ve seen, it’s also a huge invasion of privacy. 'No one should have to sleep in a kitchen, and no one should have to pass through a. Source:

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    It's a sickness that clouds the eyes of a police officer in McKinney, Texas—a fearful mania that causes him to see visions of children as armed criminals requiring disproportionate force. A sickness that choked the life out of a man screaming that he

  • With weak lasers and powerful magnetic fields, scientists getting glimpses of ...

    06/20/15 ,via Minneapolis Star Tribune

    NEW HAVEN, Connecticut — To the untrained eye, it looked like a seismograph recording of a violent earthquake or the gyrations of a very volatile day on Wall Street — jagged peaks and valleys in red, blue and green, displayed on a wall. But the story

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    Believe it or not, there was a time when restaurants served food on plates. Not a wooden board or a slate, but on a simple piece of crockery. The plate was usually white and round, and had the advantage of keeping food in one place while making it look

  • David Cameron eats hotdog with KNIFE AND FORK and says he won't hide fact he's ...

    04/07/15 ,via Daily Mail

    David Cameron has brushed off criticism that he is too posh, insisting he will not change the way he acts or speaks to win voters. The Prime Minister is apparently so proud to be posh he was happy to be pictured eating a hotdog with a knife and fork.


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