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Stars Sky Night Light Lamp,KINGCOO Romantic Rose Shape with Color Changing Moon Stars Cosmos 360 Degree Rotation Projector LED Nightlight for Kids Gift Baby Girl Bedroom (Pink)
Stars Sky Night Light Lamp,KINGCOO Romantic Rose Shape with Color Changing Moon Stars Cosmos 360 Degree Rotation Projector LED Nightlight for Kids Gift Baby Girl Bedroom (Pink) by KINGCOO

  • 3 Lighting Modes --- Mode A: a warm light with a rose cover on or...
  • 3 Power Way Supported --- ①Power it with 4 x AAA battery (Not...
  • Do not take up a lot of space, rotating its base, there will be...

XINLEE Modern Dimmable Table Lamp Wooden Tactile Led Dog Lamps Bedside Table for Children's Living Room Kids Bedroom (Small, Cool white light 2800-3200k)
XINLEE Modern Dimmable Table Lamp Wooden Tactile Led Dog Lamps Bedside Table for Children's Living Room Kids Bedroom (Small, Cool white light 2800-3200k) by XINLEE

  • Full function: Warm white light with 3 pressure change keys,...
  • Material: Asche wood; it has a strong anti-decomposition function...
  • Placement of the dimmer: the on / off switch is on the top of the...

Plastic Tablecovers Table Cloth Cloths Parties Birthdays Rectangle Oblong Royal Blue
Plastic Tablecovers Table Cloth Cloths Parties Birthdays Rectangle Oblong Royal Blue by Guilty Gadgets ®

  • Dimension: 54"x108" Reusable & Washable
  • Coloured Table Covers Many Colours To Chose From
  • Plastic Tablecovers Table Cloth Cloths Parties Birthdays Rectangle...

Sharp item: Old electric globe lamp has ties to Case Cutlery dynasty - Bradford Era

The lamp, along with hundreds of other antiques, will be auctioned at the Extravaganza Auction beginning at 10 a. m. Saturday at the Carter Event Center on West Five Mile Road in Allegany. The event is free and open to the public. An Antique Road Show and Appraisal Fair will also be held from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. Friday at the center. Free appraisals will be offered and items appraised can be auctioned at the Saturday event. In taking an historical look at Cattaraugus Cutlery, the company had been founded in 1873 in Little Valley by J. B. F. Champlin, a relative of the Case family. Branches of the family opened more than 30 companies that include the currently operated CUTCO Corp. in Olean and W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. in Bradford, Pa. According to information obtained in the “Case Cutlery Dynasty” book written by Brad Lockwood, Cattaraugus Cutlery closed its factory on Mill Street in Little Valley in 1963. The company... The company had prospered in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but fell into decline with the advent of safety razors, heavy imports from Japan and West Germany, and the replacement of craftsmen’s skill with automation. Greg Carter said he and his brother had visited museums, historical societies, estates and private homes over the past year to acquire antiques for the upcoming auction, deemed to be one of the company’s larger events of the year. The auction will showcase 1,000 of the finest antiques in the area and from around the country. Up for grabs are antique grandfather clocks, Persian and Oriental rugs, cabinets, tables, bedroom sets, paintings, dishware, full-size carousel horses, a saloon table and even a Native American-made canoe. A number of choice antiques from the home of local cardiologist Dr. Ahmad Hilal also will be auctioned. In commenting on the antique lamp, Greg Carter said it was discovered in a private Victorian home in Arcade. They men were amazed when they saw what had been stored in a box in the attic. There under the straw was a glass lamp with a hand-painted logo featuring the head of a Native American chief and the phrase, “We sell Cattaraugus Cutlery. It is believed the globe lamp, that still lights up, would have hung in the cutlery or possibly in the front entrance of general stores that carried the company’s razors. Source:

Designing our daily life - Bangalore Mirror

By: Mamta Sagar. David Mellor is one of the best known 20th century British designers. He is internationally known for his cutlery designs and is often referred to as 'the cutlery king'. Many of his innovative designs from the 50's seemed to be a boon for women working in the kitchen. The cutlery, pots and pans, peelers and cutters, are designed to make the work easier and faster. They are simple designs that looks good and keeps the food warm. His desi-gns are derived by combining the British rural craft with a design of high quality. The drive to the David Mellor Museum in the Peak District reminds one of Malenadu jungle stretches. Valleys and mountains on either sides covered with dense greenery, drizzling rain and the air loaded with the smell of damp vegetation. It seems so similar and so familiar. In the seventies in Malenadu region beetle nut plantations with some coconut trees stretched in acres. To watch the picking of nuts from the tree is like witnessing acrobatics. The nuts are then taken to the mandi yards where they are peeled, processed and dried before they come to the market. I remember how difficult it would be to peel off the covers of these dried beetle nuts and coconuts. The fibrous cover over the coconut shell would be very hard. One had to hold the dried coconut in one hand and from the other, with a sickle, chop the fibres part by part without breaking the inside shell. That was not an easy task. Peeling off beetle nuts was much tougher. The sickle was rested on the floor, held between booth the feet and then the nuts were pressed on the sharp edge. One had to know the technique of splitting and separating the fibrous skin from the nut without breaking the nut. Big mandis had men and women doing this job from dawn to dusk. Their hands turned dark and rough developing cracks all over. Casualties getting hurt by the sickle in both the instances were very common. David Mellor was a silversmith who had graduated from the Royal College of Art in the 1953. Mellor was commissioned to design silver teapot, handmade tableware for British embassies. In 1966 he designed traffic lights for the National Traffic Light Systems commissioned by the Department of Environment. This design is still in use throughout the UK. Same year he designed square pillar box for the Post Office. Mellor's functional design of the post box called for public controversy as it was a departure from the. Source:

From bright designer lights to big cities - The Australian Financial Review

Just why do designers of light fittings and chairs suddenly want to work at the scale of a whole city. Is it that the grass is greener, the cheque bigger, or is it the chance to work on a wider canvas that proves irresistible. Marc Newson has gone from riveting together his 1988 Lockheed Lounge, to designing the entire interiors of passenger jets and Qantas first-class lounges. His Sydney version has topped a 2015 survey of lounges worldwide. Thomas Heatherwick, meanwhile, has exchanged Olympic flame caldrons for working alongside Danish architect Bjarke Ingels on building Google's new Truman Show HQ complex in California, and an island on stilts in New York's Hudson River. Now, Tom Dixon, the London-based designer of many a copper bobble pendant lamp, will soon have his own line in skyscrapers on the Thames at Greenwich. This on the back of many an interior including, recently, London's Mondrian Hotel and a sandwich cafe at Harrods. Upper Riverside on the North Greenwich Peninsula will have double-height lofts with Dixon's trademark copper and brass products featuring in his kitchens and bathrooms. Shower screens will be in dichroic glass whose colour shifts depending on the lighting. To be fair, Dixon is not a Johnny-come-lately to this band of design genre-jumpers, scaling up from products, to interiors, to architecture. The truth is, after his stint as design director for Habitat, he started his practice by setting up his interiors arm, the Design Research Studio. "It was a means of finance," he says. "We needed an instant flow of money long before we had products. Designing entire interiors is also, he explains, "a way of not going 'native' because if you are thinking only about lighting all the time, you are not paying attention to its context. "Dealing with a rigorous client, be it a mad chef or a hotelier, gives us a much richer experience to draw from and the products have often emerged out of that. Suit and brogues Although the quintessential Englishman in his russet corduroy suit and brogues, Dixon was born born in Tunisia where his French-Latvian mother had got stuck in the Second World War and met his father, then teaching English. A move back to an English childhood was followed by entry to the Chelsea School of Art but he dropped out to pursue music to play bass in his band, Funkapolitan, (he still does the occasional gig today). His design is self-taught. It's a mistake he. Source:

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    07/20/15 ,via The Jewish Press

    Bedroom: linen, pillows, comforters, nightstand lamp. You will need them all. Kitchen: hand towels, mugs, small set of meat and milk dishes, two sets of cutlery, one dish drying rack, two frying pans, two 8-quart pots, two 2-quart pots, hand mixer

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    A black Easy table from Berlin brand My Kilos is set for breakfast in the dining area, using marble egg cups that double as salt and pepper shakers, and assorted cutlery. Apartment-styled-by-Sarah-Van-Peteghem_dezeen_468_4. In the master bedroom A

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    Pam had her table full of craft items, potholders, wooden magnets, and her Rada cutlery. Karen not only had soy candles This week they had lava lamp lip gloss in caramel apple, peppermint patty, bubble gum and cake batter. She told me there would

  • Sharp item: Old electric globe lamp has ties to Case Cutlery dynasty

    01/14/15 ,via Bradford Era

    Dan Carter, at left, and his brother, Greg, of Daniel A. Carter Auctioneers & Appraisers, hold an antique Cattaraugus Cutlery lamp believed to be more than 100 years old. The electric lamp, along with a number of other antiques, will be auctioned on

  • 'Going through someone's life like this can take over your own life'

    07/05/15 ,via Liverpool Echo

    “The cheapest thing in the shop at the moment is cutlery for 10p while the most expensive is a £90 lamp. I sell anything and everything, including things people can collect – I sell a lot of thimbles, fountain pens and watches. But, as the name on my


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Die Cutlery Hängeleuchte aus Aluminium und Nickel gibt mit ihrer besonderen Optik in Ihrer Küche sowohl ein gutes Bild als auch gutes Licht ab.

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