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Viking Professional Cutlery Scissors, 8 Inch
Viking Professional Cutlery Scissors, 8 Inch by Viking Culinary

  • 8 inch shears that are perfect for delicate and hard tasks from...
  • Black POM handle is fully riveted and sealed to be completely hygienic
  • The bolster and integrated tang deliver stability and balance to...

Minnie Mouse's Picnic Set

Free shipping

Minnie Mouse's Picnic Set by Disney

  • Batteries not required
  • Includes a handy carry basked
  • Includes 3 sets of cutlery, plates, cups and 3 exclusive boxes of...

Theo Klein 9044 - Miele Kitchen Compact


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Theo Klein 9044 - Miele Kitchen Compact by Theo Klein

  • Product with the Miele license
  • Supplied with many accessories like: Pan and Pot, kitchen tools and...
  • The Miele kitchen from Theo Klein is designed in the original Miele...

Villeroy & Boch Helium Hurricane Lamp, 155 mm

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Villeroy & Boch Helium Hurricane Lamp, 155 mm by Villeroy & Boch

  • Helium pattern
  • Glass
  • 155mm

Ballsbridge revisited... How Dublin 4 got its groove back - Irish Independent

First, it was a bohemian stomping-ground for writers, including Patrick Kavanagh and Brendan Behan. Later on, it settled into discreet, middle-class suburbia, home to low-key, old-money solicitors and bankers, as well as the occasional ostentatious property developer. These days Dublin 4 is reinvigorated by artisan cafes, pubs serving craft beer, techie types, rugby players in tight T-shirts, and a hint of higher consciousness. Something has happened to the discreet and leafy suburbs of Dublin 4. Another incarnation, another turn of the wheel in this most psychologically significant of residential spots, close to town, RTE and UCD, dominated by green spaces and grand old... From writerly bohemia to quiet, affluent suburb - and now a kind of hipster playground, inhabited by techie types, rugby players, their Wags, and people who know their way around single-estate coffee and chocolate. Now, of course, not all of Dublin 4 is a homogenous mass of middle-class values. as Ruairi Quinn once said: "I can tell you that Dublin 4 stretches all the way from the city quays to Ailesbury Road. from skid row to embassy row. " In fact, with pockets of deprivation, multi-culturalism and transient dwellers, there is far more social diversity in Dublin 4 than in, say, Mount Merrion. but somehow, much of that gets discounted when 'D4' is used in a generalised sort of way. Then, it becomes what Eoghan Harris once called "almost a state of mind". In that narrative, D4 isn't a postcode or a suburb, or a collection of streets and houses in varying states of shabbiness or grandeur. It's a signifier, a psychological hinterland that tells us something about the rest of the city, and the country. In one of those pyramids that PR people like to draw up, D4 wouldn't be the top layer, the 'Innovators' (that's the folk in Stoneybatter or around Wexford Street), and possibly not even 'Early Adopters' (I'm thinking South Circular Road and... Basically, the tipping point - just before something goes totally mainstream, reaching even the outer suburbs of Stillorgan and Malahide, it establishes itself in D4. This is true of Bikram yoga just as much as it is of craft beer. And so, when D4 explodes with trendy bistros, bars, cafes and delis, it's worth taking a closer look at. Once, this was as close as the city got to bohemia - land of Brendan Behan and Patrick Kavanagh,. Source:

The towns that time forgot: Haunting images of Italy's abandoned ghost towns ... - Daily Mail

The towns that time forgot: Haunting images of Italy’s abandoned ghost towns left in eerie splendour and untouched since they were deserted over half a century ago Spooky images tell the story of Italy's forgotten villages that have stood... During 15 days of fighting villagers hid in caves. Few came back after the war Mudslides forced the people of Roscigno out in the 1950s - but the speed with which they left, with cutlery still on dinner tables, led it to be named 'The Twentieth Century Pompeii'. By Silva Marchetti In Italy For Mailonline. Haunting photographs have captured the eerie beauty of Italy’s ‘ghost towns' from a bygone time - left abandoned by those fleeing conflict and natural disasters. A series of spooky pictures show how once thriving villages are the places time forgot and have stood untouched, decades after their inhabitants packed up and left. The old town of Apice, in the province of Benevento, was one such victim of Italy’s unforgiving geographical landscape when the whole town fled after a series of strong tremors, never to return. Located close to the southern town of Benevento, it was built during the glorious days of Imperial Rome. Strolling around its deserted streets today reveals some of the secrets of the town, which dates back to the eighth century. Ancient coins, statues of distinguished statesmen and remains of pottery are scattered everywhere in the commune, which – once a vibrant trading area until the 20th century – is now abandoned. The town received its name from a Roman nobleman and a popular gastronomer Marcus Gavius Apicius, author of the first Roman cookbook. He was commissioned by the Senate to give this estate as a gift to a squad of legionaries to reward them for their services and loyalty in battle against Romes enemies. The village is an open-air museum, a Roman city frozen in time. Source:

Family life: Grandad at the biscuit factory, Millennium by Robbie Williams and ... - The Guardian

Snapshot: Grandad, after his factory accident This is Grandad Murphy featured on the front cover of Peek Frean’s magazine in 1960, checking the quality of the finger biscuits. Grandad was a conscientious and serious man who had risen to foreman in the company. Sunday afternoons as a child often involved a trip to have tea with Nan and Grandad, where we would generally be given a large bag of broken biscuits to take home – one of the perks of the job. What the picture doesn’t show is that he wore a prosthetic right hand, courtesy of having lost most of his fingers in a biscuit machine. I am not sure what, if any, compensation would have been paid but Grandad wasn’t one to moan. He was proud of his job and to this day we use the set of cutlery that he was presented with on his retirement. The photo reminds me of his life and of so much that has been and gone in the world. Grandad was born in Bermondsey at the end of the 19th century and Peek Frean was based there, although the factory shut in the 1980s, long after he had died. But by the time that he worked there he was commuting from a brand new 1930s semi-detached house in Welling – part of the suburbanisation of London. In the first world war he had been a communications engineer in the trenches – his serious demeanour was purported to be a result of that experience. Opposite their house in Welling was a corner shop and whenever we visited we were also always given a Jamboree bag. My childhood memories include the remnants of an Anderson shelter in his garden in Welling, being taught rudimentary carpentry in his garden shed, jumping over, and trying not to fall into, the pond under the apple tree and, of course, the tea and... A particular treat was going on a trip to central London with him to have his glove refitted – he instilled a terror of falling on to the electric rail that I still carry to this day. During the second world war, the yard at the back of the corner shop opposite had sold petrol. During a night-time German air raid, Grandad had apparently climbed over the fence into that yard to expel an incendiary bomb that had landed there. After all that he experienced in life, perhaps he was lucky to have only lost a few fingers. Britain has changed. But his story, which I find remarkable but I suspect is probably typical, tells me of a time when people had different aspirations and perhaps were more content with their achievements in. Source:

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  • Fremont businesses stayed 'razor' sharp in early 1900s - The News-Messenger

    07/22/15 ,via Fremont News Messenger

    It is said that the skilled German immigrants played a huge role in the boom of the cutlery industry in this area, which also was rich in natural resources — lumber and the river. But while the Europeans were key to the success of the industry here

  • Great Lakes Lighter Club swap event to host auction today

    07/18/15 ,via Bradford Era

    Great Lakes Lighter Club President Bill Kolk displays just some of his large collection of Zippo Manufacturing Co. lighters and memorabilia at the group's swap meet Friday. Area residents are welcome to join dozens of vendors at the Masonic Lodge on

  • Ballsbridge revisited... How Dublin 4 got its groove back

    07/20/15 ,via Irish Independent

    Nothing is deliberately fancy - these are not stiff-tablecloth-and-silver-cutlery kinds of places. Often, the tableware The Grand Canal is lined twice weekly with Korean, Mexican, and German lunch options as part of a wandering farmer's market. The

  • Sarah Van Peteghem furnishes Berlin apartment

    07/17/15 ,via Dezeen

    "I love the combination of the soft porcelain against the geometric texture of the table" said Van Peteghem, who has also restyled a refurbished 20th-century apartment and a show home with monochrome paintwork in the German capital. Apartment-styled-by

  • The towns that time forgot: Haunting images of Italy's abandoned ghost towns ...

    07/13/15 ,via Daily Mail

    Later sacked by the German Barbarians, after the fall of Rome it flourished as part of St.Benedict's lands but San Pietro Infine gained notability in the 19th century, for being a popular stop-off for bandits hiding from the monarchy as they fought


Fish Serving Knives & Forks Set, Solingen 18/10, German Tableware Cutlery #vintagefr… 07/05/17, @LaBelle_Epoque_
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I typical German meal I'm having.... Just probably not with typical cutlery 07/01/17, @FoodAndCosplay
I typical German meal I'm having.... Just probably not with typical cutlery 07/01/17, @FoodAndCosplay


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