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Kitchen Craft Cutlery Draining Basket, Steel, Silver, 20 x 8 x 12 cm


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Kitchen Craft Cutlery Draining Basket, Steel, Silver, 20 x 8 x 12 cm by Kitchen Craft

  • Sick of cutlery clutter? Add extra space to your draining rack with...
  • Made of sturdy metal wire, which has gaps to help air circulate and...
  • This cutlery basket measures 20 x 12 x 8 cm (8" x 4½" x 3") to fit...

Sturdy Utensil Drying Rack Basket Holder (Black)

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Sturdy Utensil Drying Rack Basket Holder (Black) by NEATO

  • Silverware drying basket holds small utensils, such as spoons,...
  • Hooks design attaches easily to most wired dish drainer
  • Rack built from sturdy chrome-plated steel; Rack measures 19.69 cm...

Swallowzy Utensil Drying Rack-Stainless Steel Hanging 2 Compartments Mesh Utensil Drying Rack/ Chopsticks/Spoon/Fork/Knife Drainer Basket Cutlery Flatware Storage Drainer,Round Type

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Swallowzy Utensil Drying Rack-Stainless Steel Hanging 2 Compartments Mesh Utensil Drying Rack/ Chopsticks/Spoon/Fork/Knife Drainer Basket Cutlery Flatware Storage Drainer,Round Type by Swallowzy

  • Suitable for storing and keeping your favorite cooking utensils...
  • Made of quality stainless steel material, sturdy and durable,...
  • Warm tips: In order to better storage the small utensils, the...

Cutlery Holder, Bluesees Stainless Steel Chopsticks Utensil Drying Rack Basket Holder with Hooks Square Storage Stand Holder for Spoon Knife Fork Case Organizerzer (two Compartments)

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Cutlery Holder, Bluesees Stainless Steel Chopsticks Utensil Drying Rack Basket Holder with Hooks Square Storage Stand Holder for Spoon Knife Fork Case Organizerzer (two Compartments) by Bluesees

  • Hooks on the Back of the Basket to Attach it to your Folding Dish Rack
  • Perforated Holes - Water Drains Down Quickly
  • Hook in the backside : Nice to hang on the dish rack or in dish washer

Delfinware Plastic Cutlery Basket, Black

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Delfinware Plastic Cutlery Basket, Black by Delfinware

  • All plastic construction, easy to clean, not reccomended for dish...
  • NOT suitable for dishwashers
  • Ideal companion to the Delfinware dish drainers

Dishing It Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dishwashers in 2015 - Appliance Retailer

With a convincing water and energy efficiency narrative becoming mandatory for dishwashers, suppliers are focusing on the small details in the pursuit of ironing out the bugbears of washing the dishes. See More: 15 great new dishwashers from the best brands on the market in 2015. Not only does a family with three children perfectly fill the backseat of the car, it also makes the division of household labour easy: one to wash, one to dry and one... Dishwashing brands haven’t quite done away with the stacking and unpacking duties — although interiors are designed to make it as painless as possible — but they have managed to eliminate the need to wash and dry up. Brands have paid special... Design-wise, dishwashers are a considered purchase that reflects the overall design of the kitchen, making discreet streamlined designs that complement cooking appliances a popular choice. Smeg boasts it has the largest range of dishwashers, offering consumers the biggest choice when it comes to size, capacity, colour and model variations. “No other brand on the Australian market can compete,” said Smeg national marketing manager Jim Kalotheos. Smeg’s professional dishwashers were on show recently at the 2015 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, promoting the brand’s long pioneering history in appliances for the food services industry. “It is the knowledge and experience the brand has gained leading the professional food services industry globally that has enabled it to command such a strong position in the domestic dishwasher market. “Sales over past 12 months show the integrated version continues to be a favourite choice with consumers. Integration, streamlined aesthetics and clean lines continue to be key looks in terms of kitchen design,” Kalotheos said. Ideal for entertainers, Smeg’s Semi Pro dishwasher (DWAUP364X, RRP $3,550) offers a ‘professional’ 16-minute wash plus regular domestic wash program and 15 place settings. “This dishwasher has really gained traction in the past six months as consumers begin to understand its unique features,” Kalotheos said. ASKO is committed to improving the fundamentals of dishwashing in with its latest range. “Our global understanding of dishwashers is all consumers are. Source:

20 Ways You're Secretly Getting a Workout Without Knowing It - (blog)

You don't have to go too far out of your way to work out — in fact, you just have to live your life. So long as you get out of bed (or work out while you're in there ), you probably do your body plenty of good already, according to Larry Twohig, head certified fitness trainer and co-founder of Culture , a New York City-based personal training... Now you can feel better about missing a few days at the gym. To really feel the burn: Hold the phone away from your body at eye-height. The more you resist gravity to distance the phone from your body, the more you'll feel the burn in your shoulders and traps. Chewing gum: While bumping your gums will never torch calories as efficiently as an aerobic activity, all that chomping isn't for nothing. A University of Rhode Island study found that people who chewed sugar-free gum before and after meals burned up to 5 percent extra calories. (The study was funded by a gum company, but the results still stand. It's like minty magic. To really feel the burn: Pop a piece of gum whenever you feel sluggish: Because chewing can make you feel a little extra energized, according to the same study, this trick could perk you up enough to actually exercise (or, let's be real, do some... Standing in line: Waiting for a restaurant table or spot at the bar might seem like a drag, but standing upright burns more calories than sitting down. To really feel the burn: Do heel lifts, or, if you'd prefer not to look like a Jack-in-the-box, try to subtly balance on your tippy toes for up to a minute. Brushing your teeth: Any time you battle gravity by lifting your arms in the air, your body stands to benefit. To really feel the burn: Set your iPhone timer for two minutes, and actually brush the entire time. (Most people tap out early. ) Switch arms one minute in to challenge your weaker side. And feel free to use your own creative strategies to pass the time:. To really feel the burn: Use a basket instead of a cart, and try to prevent it from touching the side of your legs and hips. "The farther you hold it away from your body, the greater the challenge, and the more work you'll do for your shoulders, obliques, arms," Twohig says. Increasing your load can. Source:

Corning's germ-fighting glass means you can touch an ATM with less worry - CNET

The modern world is awash with public touch screens, from airplane TVs to ATMs to deli-counter kiosks. And with all those shared screens comes more potential to share germs. Glassmaker Corning, whose tough Gorilla Glass displays front Apple's iPhone and Samsung's new Galaxy S6 , is hoping to make our more-touchable electronics world a little less grimy, thanks to its antimicrobial version of Gorilla. The new product, introduced last year , is now making its way into more public places, with Corning in January announcing deals to bring the germ-fighting glass to ATMs and payment terminals. The glass is already on an office touch screen made by Steelcase used to book conference rooms. Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is one of the ways Corning is working to make its blockbuster glass more useful in more areas, including bringing an antireflective Gorilla to operating room displays, and strengthening the material and making it more... If Corning can convince people that they want a glass that prevents the sniffles, it could expand Gorilla's reach well beyond its base in smartphones, potentially for use on surfaces in hospitals, food storage facilities or public transportation. "We absolutely would like to look at this much more broadly," said Joydeep Lahiri, who heads Corning's specialty surfaces program, adding that his company is looking into introducing the glass into consumer electronics and healthcare. It's hard to tell, though, whether consumers will push to make more surfaces germ-resistant. For its part, Corning avoids making any health claims about the new material. However, as the first antimicrobial glass registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency -- a requirement for any product sold as a pesticide -- it does need to work as advertised if it purports to kill germs. Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is embedded with ionic silver to help it repel bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and algae. Silver was the antibiotic of choice before penicillin (that's how sayings about silver spoons and silver bullets originated), but it's now used in all kinds of products to prevent microbe growth. Nanoparticles of the stuff -- called nanosilver -- can be used on poultry, raw fruits and vegetables and food packaging to kill food-borne pathogens, are added to toothpaste and cosmetics to keep them safer and are even placed in. Source:

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    To really feel the burn: Take one piece of cutlery to the table at a time to maximizes your trips to and from the silverware drawer. (You'll rack up steps so quickly that your Fitbit won't know what hit it.) Use the same strategies when clearing the

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Chrome Steel Cutlery Drying Basket -

Terrible Rust The drying basket rusts very badly. Causes a mess. Chunks of rust and rust colored water has also dripped all over the tray underneath. - Utensil Drying Rack - 3 Compartment (Black ... - Utensil Drying Rack - 3 Compartment (Black) (7.75"L x 2.75"W x 4.25"H) - Dish Racks

Buy Chrome Steel Cutlery Drying Basket from Bed Bath & Beyond

Buy Chrome Steel Cutlery Drying Basket from $6.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Keep your utensils and kitchen tools neatly organized as they are drying in this ...

Cutlery Drying Basket Kitchen: Buy Online from

Cutlery Drying Basket Kitchen from online store. Millions of products all with free shipping Australia wide. Lowest prices guaranteed. - Utensil Drying Rack, 3 Compartments, Chrome ...

Kobwa(TM) Silver Stainless Steel 3 Compartments Round Cutlery Basket Utensil Drying Rack With Kobwa's Keyring