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Chicago Cutlery 5-Piece Stainless Steel Triple Rivet Polymer Handles Essentials Set, Black


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Chicago Cutlery 5-Piece Stainless Steel Triple Rivet Polymer Handles Essentials Set, Black by Chicago Cutlery

  • Full metal tang extends from the blade to the end of the knife...
  • Triple compression stainless steel rivets secure the handles to the...
  • High-carbon stainless steel creates a stronger, harder blade...

Chicago Cutlery 15.2 cm Stainless Steel Walnut Tradition Utility Knife with Wooden Handle, Brown

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Chicago Cutlery 15.2 cm Stainless Steel Walnut Tradition Utility Knife with Wooden Handle, Brown by Chicago Cutlery

  • Blade dimension: 15.2cm: Grip dimension: 12cm
  • 6-inch blade for cutting sandwiches, slicing small cuts of meat,...
  • Stamped high-carbon stainless steel blade features exceptional...

Premier Housewares 3-Piece Childrens Cutlery Set - Pink
Premier Housewares 3-Piece Childrens Cutlery Set - Pink by Premier Housewares

  • dishwasher safe
  • Made of practical and durable stainless steel
  • Fun and colourful cutlery set for your child that they can handle...

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block - Gladiator Series Colossal Knife Set - German HC Steel - 18 Pc - Walnut Stand

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DALSTRONG Knife Set Block - Gladiator Series Colossal Knife Set - German HC Steel - 18 Pc - Walnut Stand by Dalstrong

  • Outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design...
  • Engineered to perfection at 55 Rockwell hardness and hand polished...
  • See why over 75,000 professional chefs and home cooks love and...

Regatta Action 30-Inch Width 29-Inch Length Trousers - Black
Regatta Action 30-Inch Width 29-Inch Length Trousers - Black by Chicago Cutlery

  • The product is 3" Purer/Boning Knife
  • 3-inch paring/boning knife; used to separate meat from the bone,...
  • High-carbon 420 stainless-steel blade resists rust and stains;...

We Need To Talk About White Culture - Daily Beast

“Clementa was a very, very, very good friend. Joshua, I just don’t have the words. My dad’s voice broke open when I spoke with him yesterday. And my father, a strong African Methodist Episcopal (A. M. E. ) preacher, doesn’t tend to crack. He knew Rev. Clementa Pinckney , the murdered pastor of Emanuel A. M. E. , well. They were friends. I grew up sitting in A. M. E. pews, a proud preacher’s kid. We had choir rehearsal, Sunday school, Vacation Bible School. Quarterly, Annual and General Conferences. Sunday service and, of course, Wednesday night bible study, much like the one in Charleston that was attacked this week. Like many Black folks, and surely like many of the deceased at Emanuel , our lives were anchored in our congregations. It didn’t matter what we were dealing with at school or work, whether the bank account was stable or declining. When we had nothing else—when the outer world was confusing or even seemed aligned against us—we always had the sanctuary that was our church. In my case, the African Methodist Episcopal Church. That sanctuary has been violated in Charleston in the most brutal of ways. Black folks are mourning , and angry. And you have to know the history to fully understand why. Church is a denomination built on a foundation of holy defiance. In 1787, its founder, Richard Allen, grew tired of the segregated services at St. George’s United Methodist Church in Philadelphia and marched his fellow Black members out to form a church of their own, one that became the African Methodist... From the very beginning, A. M. E. ’s have had Jesus and justice running through their bones. And Mother Emanuel A. M. E. , the site of Wednesday’s carnage, was founded by Denmark Vessey. He led “The Rising,” a great slave revolt plot that nearly set Blacks in Charleston free. This is a church that was already burnt to the ground by white supremacists once, in that revolt’s aftermath. And now it has been attacked by perhaps the same forces again. As Bishop Vashti McKenzie, the first woman Bishop of the A. M. E. church, said to me yesterday, “If we can’t be safe in the church—then where can we be safe. It would be disproportionate to the magnitude of this tragedy to reach pat conclusions and then move along. We need to mourn first. We need to sit with the rage and pain, and mourn. But then we have to come back to this. That’s what it feels like to. Source:

Shove Over, Mr. Hamilton: Our Top 10 Women for the New $10 Bill - Daily Beast

The $10 bill will be getting a new face in 2020—and it will belong to a woman. The Treasury Department has finally decided to pay it forward (yes, that terrible pun was intended) and disrupt the patriarchy of U. S. currency. An American with a vagina will finally grace our bills after a long hiatus—even though, rather frustratingly, she will have to share the actual note or at least some of the printings with Hamilton, according to the U. S. Treasury. While some argue Hamilton shouldn’t have to share the space , the long-overdue news is exciting, especially considering that the only women to be printed on U. S. currency are: Pocahontas, who was placed on currency in the mid-19 Century, though... Martha Washington, who appeared on the silver dollar note until 1896. and Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea, who both wore printed on the dollar coin. Many women have been thrown out as frontrunners for the $10 spot: Underground Railroad hero Harriet Tubman, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, civil rights leader Rosa Parks, astronaut Sally Ride, and the inimitable Oprah are all considered leading... But The Daily Beast has decided to compile a list of women who are a bit more under the radar but are no less deserving of gracing the $10 bill—though yes, some are still living. Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784). Phillis Wheatley ’s journey from captured slave to revered poet is nothing short of remarkable. Taken from her West Africa home as a young girl, she was purchased by wealthy Bostonian John Wheatley as a present for his wife. Wheatley proved outstandingly brilliant, learning to read and write, despite all the physical and emotional hardship she had suffered on her voyage. Before the U. S. was even an independent country, she published her first book of poems in 1773, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral. Her poems often alluded to Christian and Classical themes, but Wheatley was also an ardent patriot who championed the birth of the U. S. She earned recognition from the leading Founding Fathers, corresponding with George Washington and Benjamin... Yet she was also brave enough to advocate in her poem, “ On Being Brought from Africa to America ” for white Christians to honor their black brethren. Life after the war proved difficult for Wheatley who fell. Source:

Rahm Snaps at Mental-Health Advocates: Youre Gonna Respect Me! - Daily Beast

They say old Rahm Emanuel came out last night—or maybe it was the real one hiding in plain sight all the time: a sneering, aggressive pol who went “nose-to-nose” with a mental-health advocate demanding, “You’re gonna respect me. ”. The alleged... Behind a door that separated the mayor from a roomful of constituents at a campaign stop in the Wicker Park neighborhood, Ginsberg-Jaeckle says, he got Rahmbo’d. “This is the Real Rahm,” Ginsberg-Jaeckle wrote on Facebook. “Calm and collected in public, raging angry and self-defensive behind closed doors. But Emanuel's campaign, while not directly refuting the mayor's alleged call for respect, said the exchange was more cordial than Ginsberg-Jaeckle's version of events. The mayor's office has reached out Ginsberg-Jaeckle and Delgado to address their concerns, campaign spokesman Steve Mayberry said in a statement. "The mayor was eager to get to the substance of the residents' concerns," Mayberry said via email. "After respectfully listening to the residents, he asked that they respectfully listen to his point of view. As a result, the meeting ended cordially and the mayor is working with health officials to address the residents' needs. Debbie Delgado, another member of the group, interrupted Emanuel, prompting the behind-closed-doors altercation. “She told of losing her son to gun violence,” Ginsberg-Jaeckle wrote. “She told [Emanuel] how her other son was holding him as he died. She told about how the city's Northwest Mental Health Clinic in Logan Square saved their lives, helped her and her son deal with the PTSD and depression. Then she asked why he took that clinic away from her. Rahm said he would speak with the pair, and Ginsberg-Jaeckle said they then left the room for a private conversation. That’s when Emanuel allegedly shouted: “You’re gonna respect me. ”. The mayor’s office wouldn’t address the supposed angry exchange. “Since it was a non-city event there were no city people there to witness it,” said Chloe Rasmas, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office. Rasmas said that, because the event was for Rahm’s re-election campaign, now in run-off mode, the mayor’s office wouldn’t comment on what happened. Source:

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  • We Need To Talk About White Culture

    06/19/15 ,via Daily Beast

    He led “The Rising,” a great slave revolt plot that nearly set Blacks in Charleston free. This is a church that was already If that sounds shocking, think about this: How many times have we explicitly asked Black folks to address the “problems” of

  • Michael Symon signature knives can be part of your kitchen tools later this ...

    02/23/15 ,via

    Though his new line of knives (set for release later in 2015) won't carry a massive cleaver, Symon says his Ergo Chef knives "will be made with very hard steel, which makes it universally great for both slicing and butchering." (Lisa DeJong, The Plain

  • Japanese Cutlery: From the Battlefield to the Kitchen

    03/17/15 ,via OZY

    For starters, Japanese knives are aesthetically chic, with many featuring bamboolike embellishments. “They have a beauty to them,” says Brendan McDermott, a Chicago culinary instructor with a focus on knife skills. They also tend to be sleeker, in

  • Shove Over, Mr. Hamilton: Our Top 10 Women for the New $10 Bill

    06/19/15 ,via Daily Beast

    Mildred 'Babe' Didrickson on her way to setting the women's world's record in the Underwood Archives/Getty After graduating form the University of Chicago Law School, she was rejected from firms for being a married woman. Mink also spoke out

  • Rahm Snaps at Mental-Health Advocates: Youre Gonna Respect Me!

    03/06/15 ,via Daily Beast

    The alleged exchange took place off-camera between Chicago's mayor and Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle, a member of Mental Health Movement, a group that has been fighting the mayor over the closure of six mental health clinics across the city. he screamed


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